General intro to key aspects of the protocol

Hats Finance is committed to safeguarding DeFi protocols, their users, and the broader blockchain community by aligning incentives between projects and security professionals through our decentralized security platform.

WHAT IS HATS FINANCE? Hats Finance offers Web3 native security solutions that align in all respects with the DeFi ethos. By leveraging the power of blockchain technology and community-driven security practices, we offer a suite of tools that include audit competitions, bug bounties, and skin-in-the-game audits. Our solutions are designed to enhance protocols’ security, foster community involvement, and streamline the development lifecycle of Web3 projects.

Hats is the decentral protocol for hosting non-custodial Bug Bounties and Audit Competitions. With our non-custodial approach, projects gain complete control, reducing fees, and embracing a pay-for-results model. This unique feature enables running audit competitions even after multiple previous audits, eliminating payouts and fees if no new audit findings emerge.

Moreover, our on-chain submission system serves as an efficient spam filter, guaranteeing that only top-tier reports are forwarded to the respective teams. This promotes a heightened focus on high-quality security assessments, ensuring the utmost protection for your project.


Our mission is to create a more secure and trustworthy DeFi environment by providing tools that enable continuous and autonomous security. Hats Finance is built on the principle that security should be decentralized, transparent and incentivized. We believe that by empowering the community of security researchers, we can collectively uplift the standards of security across the entire Web3 space.


Audit Competitions: We host time-sensitive crowd sourced audits that allow high-quality security professionals to compete and identify vulnerabilities quickly and efficiently.

Public Competition with First-come-first-served Mechanism: Open to all auditors, this type of competition encourages broad participation, allowing any auditor to review and submit vulnerabilities they find while not wasting time on issues that have been submitted by others.

Private Competition with First-come-first-served Mechanism: Restricted to white-listed auditors for a more controlled and specialized audit process, ensuring targeted,high-quality submissions while enabling the project to stay in stealth mode.

Bug Bounties: Our decentralized bug bounty platform is built on Web3 tenets, featuring on-chain submission processes and a peer-to-peer architecture that ensures the privacy of security researchers while removing the need for third party support from the process.

Decentralized Arbitration: We offer a decentralized arbitration mechanism that addresses disputes in audit competition and bug bounty submissions, providing a fair process and outcome for all parties involved.

Solo Auditor Engagement: Solo auditors are given a base fee to audit contracts and triage submissions to reduce the burden on the committee while competing with others publicly. They have the incentive to provide thorough audits by leveraging their reputation and can earn additional rewards by finding valid bugs during the competition. This creates a dynamic where solo auditors work diligently, while other competitors search for vulnerabilities in the open audit competition.

Continuous Audit: Tailored for projects needing to audit new code or modifications, especially useful for those who have previously participated in our competitions. Auditors familiar with the project can efficiently audit only the changes, streamlining the process and ensuring quick and affordable turnaround times while keeping security a top priority.


Hats is committed to driving innovation in the Web3 security industry and to rewarding its partners to the maximum degree. By comparing us with the competition you will see we offer better rewards to security researchers, more peace of mind and lower fees to protocols, and greater incentive alignment between all key stakeholders.


Our documentation is your comprehensive guide to understanding and utilizing the various services provided by Hats Finance. Whether you are a project looking to secure your contracts, a security researcher aiming to contribute to a safer DeFi space, or a community participant interested in the governance and future of Hats Finance, our docs will provide you with all the information you need to get started and become an active member of our community.

General: Here you can find out information about our various offerings

For Projects: Discover how to launch an audit competition or bug bounty, contribute liquidity, and leverage our security services to protect your protocol.

For Security Researchers: Learn how to participate in competitions, submit vulnerabilities, and understand the rewards and recognition system.

Miscellaneous: Learn about our tokenomics, engage with the community governance of Hats Finance, and learn more about the workings of Hats Finance..

We invite you to explore our docs and join us in our quest to secure the future of decentralized finance. For any questions or assistance, please feel free to contact our support team or join our community discussions.

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