Pricing Structures

Welcome to Hats Finance’s pricing structure, where we prioritize value, transparency, and efficiency. Our innovative approach to pricing sets us apart from competitors, offering unparalleled benefits for both projects and security researchers.

Key Features

  1. Result-Oriented Pricing: At Hats Finance, our fundamental principle is 'Pay Only for Results'. Unlike traditional models which often require significant upfront costs, our clients pay exclusively for actionable, validated vulnerabilities. This ensures that you invest only in results that enhance your protocol's security.

  2. Service Fee Structure: We apply a modest 20% service fee for audit competition payouts and 10% for bug bounty. To reiterate, Hats Finance only receives service fees from payouts of valid submissions. This approach aligns our interests with those of our clients, as our earnings are directly linked to the quality and utility of the findings by our community of experts.

  3. Minimizing Financial Risk: Our unique risk reversal model significantly reduces the financial risk for projects. By only charging for successful vulnerability submissions, we alleviate the financial burden typically associated with security audits.

  4. Enhanced Reward Incentive: This pricing structure allows us to offer higher rewards to participating security researchers, creating a strong incentive for the best of the best to engage with our audit competitions and bug bounties. High rewards draw top talent, ensuring thorough and effective security assessments.

  5. Better Deal Than Competitors: Our pricing model is designed to be more cost-effective and value-driven compared to our competitors. We understand the importance of security in the Web3 space and strive to make it accessible and affordable for projects of all sizes.

  6. Transparent and Fair: With Hats Finance, there are no hidden fees or charges. Our transparent pricing ensures that projects understand and agree to the cost implications from the outset, fostering trust and long-term partnerships.


At Hats Finance, we believe in fair pricing, aligned incentives, and the power of community-driven security. Our pricing model reflects these values, offering a cost-efficient, transparent, and effective solution for securing your Web3 projects.

Interested in learning more about our pricing or starting an audit competition? Contact us at [contact link] or visit Hats Finance dApp.

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