The Auditing Process

Welcome to Hats Finance's guide to the audit competition process. Our platform ensures a comprehensive, transparent, and efficient audit of your smart contracts, aligning with the evolving dynamics of the Web3 ecosystem.

Overview of the Onboarding Process at Hats Finance

Hats Finance redefines the auditing process by integrating competition, transparency, and decentralization. Here's an overview of our unique approach:

  1. Initiation Submission: Protocols interested in our offerings seeking an audit submit their request through Hats Finance’s platform, outlining their specific needs and objectives.

  2. Defining Scope and Timeline: Our team collaborates with the protocol to define the audit’s scope and establish a timeline, ensuring it aligns with the project’s goals and schedule.

  3. Creation of Vault and Committee Multisig: Each vault is managed by a Multisig address, set up by the project's core team. This setup enables Multisig members to deploy and modify the vault, oversee the check-in (take control), and manage the payout process.

  4. Preparing for the Audit/Bug Bounty/Etc.: Protocols prepare their codebase for review, ensuring it is well-documented and accessible. Clear documentation helps auditors in understanding the architecture and functionalities.

  5. Launching the Audit Competition/Bug Bounty/Etc.: Hats Finance announces your protocol’s participation on our platform, inviting a diverse pool of skilled auditors and security researchers to participate. This is an ongoing process that ensures white hats are ready to vet your code from day 1.

  6. Active Auditing Period: Auditors scrutinize the code, identifying vulnerabilities and suggesting improvements. This period is dynamic, with continuous interaction between auditors and the protocol team.

  7. Compilation and Evaluation of Findings: Upon completion of the audit competition, all findings are compiled and verified, ensuring no duplicates and that each submission meets our standards of quality and relevance.

  8. Arbitration Option: In cases of disputes or disagreements over findings, our arbitration mechanism, developed in partnership with Kleros, ensures fair and impartial resolution. This step ensures that auditors and protocols have a balanced platform for resolving any conflicts.

  9. Final Report and Review: The protocol receives a comprehensive report detailing the findings. This report serves as a guide for implementing necessary security measures and enhancements.

  10. Post-Audit Support: For protocols using any of our suite of Audit offerings, Hats Finance provides ongoing support and guidance for implementing the audit findings and maintaining the security integrity of the smart contracts.

Key Features of Our Auditing

  1. Decentralized and Competitive Approach: Our audit competitions harness the collective expertise of the community, fostering a thorough and diverse examination of the code.

  2. Transparent and On-Chain: Every step of the process, from submission to reward distribution, is recorded on-chain, enhancing transparency and trust.

  3. Flexibility and Customization: We tailor each audit to the specific needs of the protocol, considering factors like complexity, criticality, and urgency.

  4. Community Engagement: The audit process at Hats Finance actively involves the community, encouraging participation from a wide range of auditors and security experts.

  5. Fair and Equitable Rewards: Auditors are fairly compensated based on the severity and impact of their findings, aligning incentives and ensuring high-quality submissions.

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