Requesting an Audit

Requesting an Audit at Hats Finance

Welcome to the guide for protocol teams looking to request an audit through Hats Finance. Our platform provides a structured and competitive environment for auditing your smart contracts, ensuring the highest standards of security for your protocol.

Why Choose Hats Finance for Your Audit

Hats Finance stands out in the DeFi security landscape with its unique approach to audits:

  1. Competitive Audit Environment: Leverage the power of crowdsourcing through our audit competitions, where multiple security experts simultaneously scrutinize your code for vulnerabilities.

  2. Transparent and Decentralized: Our process is fully on-chain, offering unparalleled transparency and aligning with the ethos of decentralization.

  3. Fair and Equitable Incentives: We align incentives between protocols and auditors, ensuring auditors are rewarded fairly for their discoveries.

  4. Rapid Turnaround: Quick setup and execution of audit competitions mean faster results for your project.

How to Request an Audit with Hats Finance

  1. Assess Your Needs: Evaluate what you need from the audit. Consider factors like the complexity of your project, criticality of the smart contracts, and desired timeline.

  2. Contact Hats Finance: Reach out to us via our contact form or directly through our Discord community. Provide a brief overview of your project and your auditing needs.

  3. Discuss Audit Scope and Timeline: Once we receive your request, our team will work with you to define the scope of the audit and agree on timelines. We'll ensure the audit competition aligns with your project’s milestones and deadlines.

  4. Prepare for the Audit: Ready your codebase for the audit. Ensure your code is well-documented and accessible for the auditors. Provide any necessary background information or documentation that will aid the auditors.

  5. Launch the Audit Competition: Once everything is set, Hats Finance will launch the audit competition on our platform. This will invite auditors from our extensive network to participate and scrutinize your code.

  6. Review and Implement Findings: After the competition, you’ll receive a comprehensive report of findings. Review these findings with your team and implement the recommended fixes or enhancements.

What to Expect After Submitting Your Request

Initial Response: Our team will respond to your inquiry, typically within 48 hours, to gather more details and begin the audit preparation process.

Customized Approach: Each project is unique, and we tailor our audit process to fit your specific needs and context.

Collaboration and Support: Our team will be in continuous communication with you throughout the audit process, offering support and ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.

Ready to Secure Your Protocol?

At Hats Finance, we are committed to enhancing the security and reliability of the DeFi ecosystem. Requesting an audit with us means not just securing your protocol but also contributing to the broader mission of fortifying the future of decentralized finance.

Request an audit today and take a significant step towards ensuring the robustness of your project.

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